Mystery Shopping isn't new, in fact it has been a business tactic for decades. There is a long history in this industry ranging from private investigators all the way to privatize companies. As a potential shopper, the amount of options can be overwhelming. How can anyone be sure which network would fit them the best? Here at Insula Research, we hope to answer that question so that we can say; Welcome to our Mystery Shopping family.

Shopper Care - Any business should be able to answer that their greatest asset are the people. We understand that by taking pride in our shopper network. It all starts with people like you. With a Shopper Network of over 100,000, we treat each shopper with the dignity and respect they deserve. After all, life can be hectic but your work environment doesn't have to be.

Flexible Hours - Sometimes life doesn't conform to our work schedules. Have a dentist appointment today, no problem. The kids have soccer at 4pm, you can be there. Our projects run from anywhere from one to three months, allowing our shoppers time to schedule when their work fits their life. Not the other way around.

Work as much or as little as you like - Shoppers are allowed to sign up for as many shops as they desire. Have extra time in the month? Go ahead and sign up for more shops. Or conversely, do you have your entire month booked solid? Not a problem, we hope to see you need month. Before a shop is signed up for, there are no commitments allowing our shoppers time to focus on life matters when they need to.

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