Running a business is hard, and running a business without knowing what areas to focus on makes it that much harder. Be able to find creative, ingenuitous, and often times surprising solutions is what motives us at Insula Research. But what does that mean exactly and how can that benefit our clients?


Any Location


We boost a large mystery shopping network. We can accommodate locations in the greater part of North America and in trans Atlantic locations.

Diversity is Key


 Diversity is key - We have years of experience, over various industries, that has allowed us to read between the lines. Whether it be the auto sales, retail, or food service Insula Research will be able to identify, prepare, and help execute a hand crafted plan of action. 

Applied Data Analysis


 There are no "one size fits all" solutions, as there are no two businesses that are exactly alike. While each survey will have over arching themes to zero in the questions our clients have, they are also created in such a way to promote lateral problem solving. In this way, we can better understanding our client's needs, while providing quality service.