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Firm Qualifications

Quality shines in every project we undertake; whether it’s a Competitive Price Audit, Corporate Compliance Audit, or a monthly mystery shop program.

Our total Commitment to Excellence includes a rigorous editing process to ensure the utmost caliber data. Each report has built-in accuracy validations to ensure that every question or requirement meets standards prior to use in analysis.

At several intervals during the project, raw data and photos are reviewed to see that all data points properly relate, and if anything does warrant a second look, the data collection professional will be contacted to clarify. If we’re still not satisfied, we’ll send another auditor or mystery shopper to the site to verify the initial findings. Data points are reviewed collectively to discover items that may have fallen into the proper range, yet may stand out as anomalies when viewed against other reports. Photos are further reviewed to ensure all quality issues are corrected, and to collectively ensure that no duplicate photos are submitted. Further photo and data reviews are performed, as needed, as issues arise or anomalies are spotted throughout the project.

Every field report, from across the country (and, at times, the world), is comprehensibly reviewed by a member of our editing staff. We scour data-points and photos for quality, accuracy, and relevance. Any report that fails our high standards is rejected and reassigned to another data collector.

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