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Field Testing

How much time will my customers and staff save if I employ NFC payment card readers? How effective is my new Order Confirmation Board? How much time can I cut from the order point if I install pre-sell menu boards in my drive-thru? Is our new payment app working properly in stores?

We have answered these questions and many more with our time studies and field testing programs. If you are a supplier, retailer, or restaurant that needs to ensure your solutions are working efficiently and effectively, we can help. Insula Research offers customized research and analysis for clients looking to examine the effects of, or study the potential for, a service or systems change within their organization. We feature an experienced and proven market research team ready to create and conduct customized studies to meet your specific needs.
Insula staff will work with your company through every step of the process, from a detailed research proposal to coordinating and conducting all necessary field research, as well as offering you detailed, post-research analysis complete with statistical tests. We can even help turn your project results into a PowerPoint presentation for your company to use as it promotes its findings to franchise owners or other potential clients.

Contact us today to learn more about Insula's Mystery Shopping capabilities. Email, or call our president, Brian Baker, at any time to discuss what we can do for you (800-975-6234, ext 701).
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