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Insula provides a wide variety of auditing services. Most of our programs are custom designed to address our clients' specific issues. Below are just a few of the audit programs we’ve designed and implemented.

Delivery Audits
  • Does your manager really have time to monitor the entire delivery process as goods are brought into the store or restaurant?
  • Are you sure your vegetables are not sitting in a puddle on the ground prior to being brought into your restaurant?
  • Do you know that your food products are not being transported next to cleaning chemicals in the truck?
  • Did those frozen hamburger patties partially thaw in the summer heat?
Let’s face it, your managers don’t always have the time to monitor the delivery process, and if the food or goods coming into the store are not fresh and clean, they can’t possibly be of the quality that you want to serve your customers. Help your distribution center help you keep your customers safe and satisfied by employing a delivery audit monitoring system. We will customize a program to your specific needs, and execute it with well trained auditors armed with cameras and temperature probes.
Image Audits
Your brand has an image to uphold, and you cannot possibly get out to visit all of your locations as frequently as you’d like. Let us help with a brand image audit. We will work with you to outline and define the specific standards that are important to your business, and then conduct periodic audits to ensure your marketers or franchisees are adhering to those standards. Don’t let one franchisee spoil all of your hard work. Be sure your brand is protected by implementing a brand image compliance audit program.
Equipment and Asset Audits
Do your restaurants have all of the equipment they need to properly prepare the menu items your brand offers? Is all equipment in your store or restaurant in proper condition so as not to risk the health and safety of your employees? Insula can conduct a full audit of equipment throughout your system to provide you with a complete inventory by store, franchise owner or region.
Operational Audits
A client once approached us and said ‘we know our product rates superior to that of our competitors in blind taste tests, but when we look at market data our brand ranks behind them when it comes to consumer preferences. The reason, as we learned through an operational audit, was that the store level employees were taking shortcuts and not always following prescribed procedures. With our experienced, professional staff of researchers we can design and execute operational audits to address a variety of questions such as this for you.

Contact us today to learn more about Insula's Mystery Shopping capabilities. Email, or call our president, Brian Baker, at any time to discuss what we can do for you (800-975-6234, ext 701).

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