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Philosophy / Approach / Flexibility

All of our services are conducted with an unwavering Commitment to Excellence. Our single-minded goal for every project is the pursuit of perfection.

The primary differentiator between Insula and the multitude of other mystery shop/data collection agencies in the market is that Insula firmly believes the quality of the data collected is the key to accurate decision making when it comes time for analysis. With the technological advancements of the past decade, on-line reporting with graphing functionality is the norm, and we are no different in our ability to provide these ‘bells and whistles’. The difference lies in the human element. We have developed our processes and have committed the resources necessary to ensure our data is accurate and reliable. Although this may sound simplistic, Insula is unique in its commitment to managing quality, as evidenced by the clients who have remarked that we provide the highest quality and best value they have ever experienced with this type of work. We have expertise in methodology and form design. We actively manage and grade our database of shoppers so that we can work with those who have demonstrated an ability to perform at a high level. We have multiple levels of quality assurance within each project. These are the underlying processes that make the analysis and reporting so much more valuable to our clients than what they have experienced in the past.

A common factor that is evident in every project Insula undertakes is the pursuit of exceptional quality. After a project is complete, we gather as a team, not to ask how it could have been done cheaper, but rather, "How can we do this better?" It is this passion for perfection that impresses our growing list of clients. We help companies like yours put together the missing pieces of the puzzle by providing discreet, accurate and unbiased metrics about your competition or your internal operations.

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